Moonshots program:
Roundtable in groups of 6 relevant founders
Match with 5 other founders and business owners by industry, business type, revenue stage, and growth goals to discuss your questions and obstacles and work through them together.
Then $199 per cohort
My 6-week goal is to raise $300k so that I can accelerate my company's growth
My 6-week goal is to raise $300k so that I can accelerate my company's growth
Annie Granville
Founder, Proceptual
Growth Goal
Sell $20,000
in new business
Growth Goal
Complete 3 LinkedIn Learning courses
Program Details
Entrepreneurship can be a lonesome experience. Your personal friends don’t understand, your family wonders why you do it, your significant other gives you grief. Who do you turn to for peer support, resources, and guidance? Your Astronomic crew—that’s who.

Match with local founders by industry, business type, revenue stage, and growth goals. Share your questions and bottlenecks. Vent about your business. Hear feedback. Set goals. Hold each other accountable to them.

Your moonshot crews are your extended wisdom council for advising your success and helping you overcome barriers to astronomical growth.
Then $199 per month
How it works
  • 4-person teams
  • Match by business type, revenue stage, and growth goals
  • Meet for 1hr weekly
  • Confidentiality enforced
  • No egos, no promotions, no spam
  • Crews switch every 6 weeks
Extensive user testing revealed that 6-person teams are the optimal number for group participation, accountability, and focus. Additionally, a 1hr "power hour" per week is the ideal timeframe to deliver maximum value to entrepreneurs' busy schedules.
Chris Beaman
Chris Beaman
Founder at Astronomic
  • Biweekly 1hr Zoom meetings
  • Deeply connect with similar business owners
  • Talk through obstacles and questions
  • Make and receive strategic intros
  • Facilitated by experienced founders
We found that 6 meetings is the atomic unit of time for building empathy between crewmates. Where else can you form deep, meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs who match your business type, industry, revenue stage, and growth goals?
Ashley Balstad in Austin, Texas
Ashley Balstad
Director of Operations at Astronomic
  • Set 12-month growth objectives
  • Mentors guide long-term success
  • Rich resource & content library
  • Discussion forums for industry Q&A
  • Meetings are remote-first
It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you set big goals and declare them to other business owners. Astronomic's "for founders by founders" mentality has helped me grow my business much more quickly than I was able to when I was leading it on my own.
Kidus Solomon
Kidus Solomon
CEO at Angel Fire Media
Then $199 per month
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  • Meet other Austin business owners
  • Match with others by relevant criteria
  • Ask questions, hear practiced feedback
  • Learn from experienced mentors
  • Be held accountable to your goals
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